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DYORAI token is a multi-purpose cryptocurrency designed to enhance your experience on our platform. Firstly, the DYORAI token will be used to purchase our platform services, including access to the most complete crypto research tool powered by innovative AI.

1.Purchasing Services:

The DYORAI token will be used as one of the primary means of payment for our platform services. By using DYORAI tokens, users will have access to the most comprehensive crypto research tool powered by innovative AI. This tool simplifies the process of making informed investment decisions in the crypto world, saving users time and providing them with accurate information. By using DYORAI tokens to purchase our platform services, users can benefit from exclusive discounts and rewards.

2.Burning Tokens:

To create additional value for DYORAI token holders, we will burn 20% of the revenue generated by using DYORAI tokens to buy any of our packages. This means that the total supply of DYORAI tokens will decrease over time, potentially leading to increased value for token holders. By using DYORAI tokens to purchase our platform services, users not only benefit from the services themselves but also from the potential appreciation of their tokens.

3.Staking Rewards:

DYORAI token holders can earn passive income by staking their tokens. We will distribute 20% of our revenue among token stakers, incentivizing holders to keep their tokens in their wallets and contribute to the network's security. Stakers will receive rewards proportional to the number of tokens they have staked, giving them an opportunity to earn additional income and benefit from the success of our platform.

In summary, DYORAI token holders can benefit from using their tokens to purchase our platform services, potentially increase the value of their tokens through burning, and earn passive income via staking rewards. With these utility features, DYORAI tokens are designed to enhance users' experience on our platform and provide additional benefits to token holders.See more


We take 10% from each sale and put it into a buyback wallet. This wallet is then used to buy back DYORAI coins when the price is on a downtrend. This process is carefully monitored, and we only buy back tokens when the price is lower than its fair value.

Once we have purchased tokens from the market, we burn them, which means we send them to an address with no private key. By doing this, we decrease the token supply, making it a deflationary coin. The reduction in token supply helps to increase demand, which in turn leads to price appreciation over time.

By implementing this token burn mechanism, we are committed to ensuring that the value of DYORAI tokens continues to grow and that all token holders benefit from this growth. As our revenue increases, more tokens will be burned, which will further reduce the supply, and ultimately drive up the token price...See more


Introducing DYORAI coin staking - the easy and rewarding way to earn passive income. We are excited to offer all token holders a chance to earn a 20% revenue share by simply staking your coins on our user-friendly dashboard.

Our company is dedicated to sharing its daily revenue with all coin stakers, providing an opportunity to earn daily passive income without any hassle. You can stake your coins as you like, with no fixed durations or unstaking penalties.

The calculation process is simple and transparent. Once you stake your coins, the system will calculate what percentage you hold from all the staked coins. For instance, if you stake 5 million coins and the total staked amount is 100 million coins, your percentage ratio from staking will be 5% so You will receive 5% from the daily shared revenue...See more